September 11, 2013

Tyler RogersMeeting Minutes

Image Makers Photo Club

Truro, Nova Scotia

         September 11, 2013


                      President, Brian Russell opened the meeting at 7:15.

Business meeting topics:

1.    ~ Brian thanked the executive for reoffering their positions: Cliff Sandeson as “Program Coordinator” and developing the 2013-2014 program; Douglas as “Treasurer” and Millie as “Secretary”.  He also announced with gratitude, that Tyler Rogers was willing to be our new  vice-president.  Although Wayne Talbot was absent, Brian thanked Wayne for his two years serving as president of our club.
~ Cards were brought to the family acknowledging the death of fellow member Paul Rother and the Mother of Paul Heyman.  Also an email expressing our condolences was sent to member Charlene Ferguson, on the death of her Father. These are the only significant dates that we know of. Surely there are many happy ones that took place during the summer.  Perhaps we’ll see images of them during member’s night.

2.    Harvestfest:  A meeting held June 19, in room 011settled many necessary steps concerning the Harvestfest competition.  The judging, to be done by two in house members and one from the community, will be held on Sept. 23.  Members of the Harvestfest committee, will be present to support the judges, doing whatever is necessary. This will begin at 6:30.
Over the summer Mike Bayer  was contacted and agreed to be the third judge for the contest. (He works at NSCC, in Truro.) On the evening of the 25th,when the night is open to everyone (7:15
 p.m.). The pictures will be presented by category, in random order until the top three, which will then be shown in the third, second and first places. “Best of Show” will be at the very end.  At this point the grand prizes will be presented.
President Brian noted that Lee Yorke of Carsand Mosher’s contacted him during the summer and has increased their prizes for the contest: a 16×20 luster print; an 11×14 print ;and third place- an 8×10.  Finally there will be an11x14 canvas print for “best of show”.

3.    Program coordinator: Cliff Sandeson stated that the Cape Breton field trip was cancelled, due to lack of interest.  However, he will guide us on Oct.19th,( with the rain date of Oct. 20th) on a field trip of the waterfalls of Hants county.  He has asked that we meet at the Goss Bridge visitor information center, at 9:00 a.m.  Fall colors are very pretty near the bridge.  Bring a lunch. Noel has one waterfall and Gore has two.   Once we  are in Windsor, we can eat our supper at a pub there.
On March 12, Truro Junior High will be closed.  The program for that evening will have to be rescheduled.

4.    It was announced that members Jim and Judy Hardiman have their art and photography work “Breaking Out”, on display at the Nova Scotia Community College, in the McCarthy Gallery.
It will remain there until Sept. 27th.

5.    Bev Meilleur was speaking to Karla at Carsands. They are now showcasing one photographer per month, on a wall in their store. From our Harvestfest competition they would like to show the first, second and third place winners and best of show, on this wall.  That is 27 enlargements. So if a winner (there is 3 per category), does not want their winning pictures showcased, then they need to let us know at by the Oct.7th. This wall of photos will be on display during the month of November. These winning enlargements do not have to be printed at Carsands.

Note: Regarding other monthly showcasing of one photographer at a time – the only requirement (that we know of) is that these pictures, are to be printed at their store. Anyone wanting to do this would need to speak with the staff at Carsand Moshers and decide on a month to show off your photography skills.

  • ·          All meetings will be  held at Truro Junior High, room 011, with a start time of 7:15.
    We are required to be out of the building no later than 9:30.
    Larger events will take place in the school cafeteria.
    Members will be notified when changes are necessary.

      ~ The business meeting begins at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month)
    and the programs for the evenings will start near 7:30.
    ~ Teachings are on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:15.
    ~ There are no meetings in June, July, August or December.

  • ·          Treasurer Douglas Purdy will accept dues at any time:  Single $15.00; Family $20.00.
    He and Elizabeth collected dues outside of room 011, as members came to the meeting.
    Douglas, also had the program for the upcoming year, as a hand out.

  • ·          Do you have an idea for information to go on our web site?
    Please bring it to a meeting, if it is approved, then it will be given to
    Tyler Rogers through email

  • ·         Prepare your best images or your favorites to send to Tyler.
    He will update our website with pictures from paid up members.

          Websites of possible interest:

Check out our website .

            ~ Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia

            ~Canadian Association for Photographic Art


            ~ The Truro Daily News is looking for community pictures.
             Simply email the photos to


        Program for the Evening:
            ~The theme ” negative space”. These pictures are images that have extra space around the subject,
instead of filling the frame. This space adds feeling to the image.

           ~ Tyler Rogers gave us an introduction on Lightroom 5. A bit of his background: he has been
shooting approximately 12 years and has been a member of photo club for nine years.
He answered many of our questions and gave us many tips to cut time while editing.
We will be ready to learn even more 
on Oct.9th, when Jim Hardiman continues to enlighten us on
the Lightroom program.


        Upcoming Events:  
            Field trip: waterfalls of Hants county. (See above for more details.)
Cliff Sandeson will guide us on Oct. 19, with the rain date of Oct. 20th

   Closing date for Harvestfest photos to be submitted was September 14th.
The results of photo contest will take place in the school cafeteria on Sept. 25th, at 7:15 pm.

          There were 25 people present.


          If there are any errors or omissions, please notify me in writing within a week after you receive this.
Thank you,


Respectfully Submitted,

Millie Russell