Harvestfest 2018 – Galleries

This image was selected as the best image of the Harvestfest 2018 show.

A Colour – ( Yellow- 2018 ) Each year, we choose a different colour and ask photographers to give us images that represent an interpretation of that colour (or variations of that colour). Be creative here but make sure that the colour given is the dominant colour in the images.

Animal – domesticated or wild – large as an elephant or as small as an ant. Remember that birds are animals too!!!

Creative (not just enhancements) – An image, which is a composite of more than one unique image, must be entered in this category. However, any image that the photographer deems “creative” may also be entered into this category. Use the power of your digital editing software. For example, you’ve seen images where you say, “Wow, how’d they do that?” That is What we are looking for in this category. Images entered in the category will rarely look “real”. Now is your chance to create these images and to share your creations with the world.

Flora (not just flowers) – Flora includes all forms of plant life not just flowers.

Landscape/Seascape – Images in this category are likely to be sweeping vistas showing the beauty of the land and of the sea. Extraordinary light (early morning, late afternoon, storm light or misty conditions) as well as strong compositions (rule of thirds, leading lines and level horizons) will increase your chances of success here.

Open – This Category is intended for any type of image other than “Creative”. A photographer may enter a photo that would have fit into one of the other categories if they have more than one image for a particular category. However, It is recommended that you enter an image into the correct category if you have only one image of that type.

People (not just portraits) – Portraits of people may be entered in this category but also images of people at work or at play may be entered. The centre of interest in the images should be the person or people.

Advanced Open – This is an open category and you may enter up to 4 images. The images may be from any area of photography. Feel free to do digital manipulations but the images should look natural unless you are submitting a creative image.