September 12th, 2012

Tyler RogersMeeting Minutes

Image Makers Photo Club

Truro, Nova Scotia

September 12th, 2012


  • President, Wayne Talbot opened and chaired the business meeting at 7:20.

Business meeting topics:

~ David Burrell reported on the changes that were made to the “Truro Image Makers Photography Club Handbook”.  This was done, by a committee of Donna MacNeil, Tyler and himself. Each table had a printed copy to follow along, as he highlighted the changes. He stated that most of the changes were grammatical corrections or rewording, so as to be more easily understood. He mentioned a concern had been expressed about placing the full minutes onto the website. As it stands now, if we log in to the website, we will hit a firewall which we then need a password to be able to access the minutes. This password information will have to come from Tyler.

~ After David was finished Wayne asked if we would approve the changes by voting with a show of hands.  It was approved by a unanimous vote.

~ David also spoke of a “Living handbook”.  This would explain the roles of the executive or members who volunteer for specific functions within the group.  For example, there would be an “order of business” guideline for the future president and the executive.


  • Wayne explained that there still seems to be a discrepancy between the three who have the full contact list of members.  That is his, Cliff’s and Brian’s email lists.
  • There was a discussion surrounding the issue of asking guest members to pay $2.00, when present.
    Several suggestions were: ask at the beginning of the meeting for any guests to stand up, and share their name; have a signup sheet (divided Members & Guests) for folks as they come in; to not charge a guest until they have attended three meetings.  The issue was not settled.


  • Harvestfest details: Wayne thanked Susan for her work in the previous years and told her it took 8 members to replace her. He explained that not meaning any disrespect to the former professional judges, that we as a group (which met July 17th) had decided to have in-house judges this year.
  • The judges are, George Klass, Tyler Rogers, and David Burrell.
    The method for judging this year was broken down by Jim Hardiman.
    This will be closed judging, the judges will start at 6:30 and will have until 8:00 to advance through all of the entries. Each judge will give a score/number between (70 & 100) to a picture, writing it down on their sheet, which has been provided by Val Smith. There will be no discussion between the judges. After all images have been scored in a category, an assistant will add up the scores and if there is a difference of ten points – for any one photo, then the judges will be asked to rescore that image.
  • After the judging, the members and guests will come into the room.  The pictures will be presented to those gathered, one at a time, in random order.  As each picture goes up on the stand, one judge will stand and share constructive comments (with  the possibility of time for another judge to share if desired). These will go up in random order.  The last three to be presented will be third, second and first place, in that order, for that category. The judges will still not know who the creator of these images are.
    The first of each category will go up on the board for the best of show decision. —- ??? when???
    These changes are being made in an effort that each person will have some commit on their photo. The changes were also to express some consistency during the judging.  We were reminded that this competition is so that we all learn from the event.
  • Brian Russell shared that out of the 98 images entered in 2011, 35 were from non-members.
    He also told us that James at Truro Home Video had a reduction in space for all the images to be displayed. (Help is needed to clean the area, and place the boards and enlargements on Thursday the 27th.).  He thanked Tyler for making the website more user friendly. There were numerous changes made as a result of the July meeting, all of which can be viewed on the website.
  • Other general comments:  Wayne had contacted the Truro fire hall as an alternative venue for the competition, as the rooms at present are not meeting the needs of those attending. The fire hall is booked each Wednesday. Discussion concerning having enough chairs for those attending the competition brought forth the suggestion of borrowing chairs from the room across the hall.  This may need to be done earlier in the evening, when the commissioner is present.
  • Advertisement : Donna MacNeil is responsible for putting our club news in the Truro Daily News. Judy Hardiman put it on the website for artists (Janice Guigan). It was strongly suggested that a poster be created for future events, but especially the photo competition. Would anyone like to volunteer to do this?  “Harvestfest” was explained to us as a name that was used by the town of Truro years ago, when there was a “festival” in the fall.  Are we happy with this name?  Can we bring in suggestions for a change of name?


All meetings are held in room 229.

  • If you have items you want on the agenda for any of the upcoming meetings,
    please forward them to
  •  Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month)
    and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30. 
  •  Treasurer Douglas Purdy will accept dues at any time:
    Single $15.00; Family $20.00. 
  •  Do you have an idea for information to go on our web site?
    Please bring it to a meeting, if it is approved, then it will be given to
    Tyler Rogers through email

Websites of possible interest:

~ Check out our website .

~ Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia

~Canadian Association for Photographic Art  E-mail:

~ The Truro Daily News is looking for community pictures.
    Simply email the photos to


Program for the Evening:

Discussion on Image Makers Handbook and the changes for Harvest photo contest.

Theme for September was “Summer Fun”.


Upcoming Events:

Harvestfest Photo competition September 26th.

October 10th Theme – graveyards

Program Shari Tucker ~ Peru Through the Lens

October 24th Macro Workshop: Henry’s will provide various Macro lenses and guidance.

November 24 Robert & Sandy Moser ~ Printing, Mounting and framing Your Images



There were 26 members present. Meeting closed at 9:00.

If there are any errors or omissions, please notify me in writing within a week after you receive this. Thank you,


Respectfully Submitted, Millie Russell