November 14th, 2012

Tyler RogersMeeting Minutes

Image Makers Photo Club

Truro, Nova Scotia

        November 14th, 2012


  • President, Wayne Talbot opened and chaired the business meeting at 7:15.

                                   Business meeting topics:

  • Regarding the issue of the location for our meetings: Wayne was talking to someone at the NSCC and they are still pushing the issue that we require insurance, if we are to continue meeting in their building. We will be in Room 229, for the Nov. 28th meeting.  At that time Wayne will advise us as to what our next step will be.  There are three possible alternate meeting places that he suggested: The Masonic Lodge, Douglas St. School or the Truro Fire Hall. 
  • Regarding CAPA Membership it was questioned as to whether we should continue to be a member this year.  The cost is $100.00 per year (for a club), with only four quarterly magazines, being the obvious benefit.  It was decided that Wayne will do research on their website and bring back a report to the next meeting, so that we can then vote and make a decision at that time, if we want to renew our membership.
    Cliff has an individual membership and said the benefits include quarterly magazines and the option to enter photo contests. Wayne shared that CAPA has an annual “Canada Camera College” conference each year.  This year it is being held in Fredericton. Freeman Patterson will be a part of this.  It will run the entire weekend and there will be a banquet.
  • Photo Guild ~ PGNS Annual Fall Show

November 24th, 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.

St. Mary’s University , Burke Theater  (off of Inglis St.)


All meetings are held in room 229.

  • If you have items you want on the agenda for any of the upcoming meetings,
    please forward them to
  •  Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month)
    and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30. 
  •  Treasurer Douglas Purdy will accept dues at any time:
    Single $15.00; Family $20.00. 
  •  Do you have an idea for information to go on our web site?
    Please bring it to a meeting, if it is approved, then it will be given to
    Tyler Rogers through email

Websites of possible interest:

~ Check out our website .

~ Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia

~Canadian Association for Photographic Art  E-mail:

~ The Truro Daily News is looking for community pictures.
    Simply email the photos to


Program for the Evening:

Our program for the evening was Robert & Sandy Moser ~ Printing, Mounting and framing Your Images.

They explained the benefits and difficulties of printing your own pictures at home.  Members were able to ask questions and exchange tips.  Light Room was suggested at one point.  Henry’s has it on sale at present for $129.00 online, otherwise it sells for $150.00.  As they worked their way through the different stages of preparing enlargements for frames, they continually mentioned National Art.  This store can be found off of Gottingen St, in Halifax.  Go across the MacDonald bridge and precede South on Gottingen. National Art is located between Cornwallis and Cogswell Streets.  Address: 5426 Portland Place.  Webite is .  From them the Mosers had purchased most of the items that they used to bring a picture to its final location in a frame.  Sandy showed a piece of her matted art work and spoke of the tape used in the preparation of putting this together. The miter saw, came from Canadian Tire, however the refined blade (80 or 100 tooth) cost another $100.00. The Logan Studio joiner (devise) used to put the V Nails into the corners of the frame (after gluing) came from Lee Valley. We were told to leave an 1/8 of an inch on the inside of the frames, for your glass, which they recommend buying at Frame Express in Burnside.  The reason to buy from them is that they have far fewer scratches on their glass (the more you buy the less the cost).  National Art carries a liquid glass cleaner, cloth gloves and an anti-static cloth for cleaning your glass. To see a sample of their art in a variety of mediums, you can find them at The Langille Athletic Centre (Dalhousie Agricultural Campus – Bible Hill) Saturday and Sunday Nov. 17 (10:00-6:00) & 18th (11:00-5:00).

Moser response: “The contact person for National Art is Maria Caines and her email is Wayne can let her know the name of the group, the website address and those people who are interested in buying supplies from them. Maria said that they will give each person a card on their first trip there.   Sandy”


Upcoming Events:

To the Members from, Cliff Sandeson, Program Coordinator:

November 28th will be our semiannual members’ night.  I am forwarding this message early so as members are clear on the items to be presented that evening.  There are three items on the agenda. 

1. Nautical theme – Please forward 3 or 4 images to Tyler by Sunday, November 25th.  Tyler will create a slide show of the theme images prior to the meeting. 

2. Silent Slide Essays – Create a set of up to 15 images on a theme selected by you – flowers, a trip, an event, sunsets … the possibilities are endless.  You may want to create a title slide to give viewers an idea of your theme.  The slide transitions should be a simple fade out/ fade in and as the word silent would indicate there should be no music or sound to accompany these.  Tyler would prefer to receive these either on a flash drive or CD the night of the meeting. 

3. Favourite 25 – Bring 25 of your favorite images that you have taken since our last member’s night in May.  If you attended the field trips to Parrsboro in June, the whale watch trip in August or the Valley field trip in October, this is a good chance to share those images but feel free to bring along any image that you want to share.  You may want to present these as a slide show with music and transitions or you may prefer to have the images shown one by one.  In the latter case, you could provide some background commentary as to why you chose the images to show.  Again Tyler would prefer to receive these images the night of the meeting on either a flash drive or a CD.


There were 31 members present. The meeting closed near 9:30.


If there are any errors or omissions, please notify me in writing within a week after you receive this. Thank you,


Respectfully Submitted, Millie Russell