November 24th, 2010

Tyler RogersMeeting Minutes

General Interest:
~ Cliff Sandeson chaired and began the business meeting at 7:15.
~ A list was sent around to sign up for what type of food you might bring to the Christmas party potluck.
~ Douglas submitted three photos and suggested that the Russell’s who keep the archives binder, might start an album of the membership activities.
~ The “Photo guild of Nova Scotia” will be meeting on November 27th at 8:00 p.m., at the Burke Educational Centre, at St. Mary’s.

Treasurer’s Report:
Douglas Purdy, our new treasurer,  was available to take the dues for the September 2010, to September 2011 year.  The dues remain the same: $15.00 a year for an individual, $20.00 per family or $2.00 per visit.  Cliff had the list of who has paid and who has not.  We presently have approximately 30 paid up members.

~ Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month) and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30.   In the months of January (on the 12th,the meeting will begin at 6:30) , February and March there will be two meetings  per month.
Meetings will be held in room 305.

~ Send photos or information you wish to be on our web site, to Tyler Rogers through email  Even better, bring him images on a CD to one of our meetings.  Please mark your name clearly on the CD.

~ Check out our website ..

December 10th, Christmas Party:
Christmas Party:  food, fun and white elephant gift exchange.
We can bring five of our favorite images on flash drive to the party and Tyler will look after projecting the  images onto the big screen.  If we have the ability, we could  add our names or initials,  to the right hand corner of the image.
The party starts at 5:30.  Bring your “Favorite Five” images, these can be older photos if you wish. You can bring photos in by way of a flash drive, CD or photo albums to share with others.   Also each person present should bring a White Elephant gift. Cliff mentioned the fun we have at our Christmas party, which is scheduled for Friday, December 10 (11th storm date).   Doors will be open at 5:30, eating planned for 6:00 – this is to accommodate getting out before the alarm goes off at 11:00.
It is to be held at St. John’s Anglican Church hall – Church Street.  From previous years we know to layer clothing, possibly bringing a sweater.  A gift for the white elephant exchange (something that was once useful to you but now you have grown tired of – value of no more than $15.00). How you wrap this gift is totally up to your imagination.And yes, it is a potluck, a time when you can bring a friend or partner to share in this very social evening.  If you are two people (or more), then please bring two (or more) different food dishes, to share. That might be a salad, a dessert, or a main food dish.
At the entrance there is a doorbell on the upper left hand side of the door. When wehear the bell ring up stairs then someone will run down and let you in.

Evening Program January 12 th:
~ “What does this button do?” several with different camera types will lead others of that camera make through the possible uses of your camera and menu.  There will be a business meeting starting at 6:30, to allow for more learning time. Items to be discussed: A. membership/discount cards at Henry’s will be discussed; B. The past Harvestfest contest. C.Advantages of Membership

Evening Program January 26th – The theme will be “cold”. Send two images into Tyler by January 23rd. He will bring them together as a show. Once again please put your name on them if possible.
ALSO on that evening three experienced evaluators will discuss images from our members.  We are asking that members come forward and volunteer to be one of these three panelists, if this doesn’t happen then individuals will be approached to fill this position.

Evening Program February  9 th, 2011:
Liquid nitrogen – bring your camera evening. This evening will be broken into two segments, allowing for two groups of 15 people each,  to participate. There will be a large mirror, a fan, lighting and water involved in this fun night.

This Season’s Meetings:
~ A complete rundown of events is posted on the website.

There were approximately 32 in attendance.

Meeting closed near 9:30 p.m.Submitted,Millie Russell