November 16th, 2011

Tyler Rogers Meeting Minutes

Image Makers Photo Club

                               Truro, Nova Scotia
                                 November 16th, 2011
General Interest:
President, Wayne Talbot opened the evening at 7:15.
Adjusted October minutes:
Wayne spoke about (CAPA) Canadian Association of Photographic Art and asked if we wanted to spend the $150.00 to join as a club. (Individual cost per year is $55.00). 
The Atlantic zone contact person is Leo Allain, Cliff Sandeson is the treasurer. Some of the benefits: we would receive one magazine four times a year; also that we would be able to access national competitions: and we would also receive emails and updates. They host three day seminars with field trips. The next one will be in Fredericton in 2013.
~ Wayne asked for a show of hands as to who would be in agreement of signing up to CAPA for one year, the majority agreed. This is to be a one year commitment and will be re-evaluated next year.
For more information see their site
~ Wayne was speaking with Andrew at the Dartmouth Crossing Henry’s store.  He will pick up the membership discount cards on Friday and they will be ready for distribution at the Member’s Night, on Nov.30th
~ Wayne suggested that we might consider taking 15 minutes of each meeting to explore what he has called “Learning Moments”. ( Topics and presenters could be drawn from the members.)  If you have any ideas please forward them to   Also if you have items you want on the agenda please forward them to Wayne.
Nov. 16th, Wayne spoke about looking for the non-obvious in a scene and with the use of your camera present it to the viewer, and draw attention to it. Hopefully they will see what they would previously have missed.
~ Wayne introduced George Klass before he began his very polished  presentation titled “In My Mind’s Eye” Pre-visualization of your final image. George’s site is and his e-mail is
George is a man who has been shooting for fifty years, who has travelled the world and even lived in Africa for 5 years.  He is at home in the country and has captured it in a unique manner.  He encouraged us to ask ourselves questions before taking pictures:  What do I really see?  How would I like to portray it?  What would I like to say?  How will I turn it into what I saw?
He also spoke about the basic requirements and the need to have a good command of these:  Know all your equipment and what it can do, and how to make it do what it can do.  Always check your ISO and histogram. Filters – his main one to use is the polarizer.  Your computer screen must be calibrated.  Software for your computer – today it is the darkroom of yesteryear. Printing media- at the store or at home.     George stressed the use of our imaginations and spoke of it as the “creative economy”.  He also went through the workflow that he uses.  The programs he has available to him are Lightroom and  Photoshop, plug-ins – NIK and Topaz also Alien Skin.  He uses the Forge filter and he gave some great examples of the use of all of these steps, as well as HDR (using 4 to 5 pictures combined).  At the end he showed very large prints   that he himself had printed. His one hour program included many expansive images, the original and then the finished visualization of the image in its final state.  There is so much more but I will stop here. It was a great eye opener.
~ Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month) and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30.   All meetings will be now be held in room 229.
~ Send photos or information you wish to be on our web site, to Tyler Rogers through email  Even better, bring him images on a CD to one of our meetings.  Please mark your name clearly on the CD.
~ Check out our website .
Upcoming Events:
November 30th Member’s Night:
1.   Theme Mailboxes (three images)
2.   Silent Essays (approximately 15 images)
3.   Share your favorite images (20 – 25 images)
Of Interest:
Petersen Learning series, “Photographic Digital Photography Guide” can be found at the following website:
For those who may wish to develop a deeper understanding of histograms:
A free photo magazine with an excellent variety of topics:
Annual Fall Photo Guild:      Saturday, November 26th
Held at the Burke Center, St. Mary’s.  This is at the end of Robie St. 
 Hours  from 8:00 – 10:00 pm, free will donation, at the door.
This Season’s Meetings:
~ A complete rundown of events is posted on the website. 
~ Member’s Night is November 30th. Send your mailbox images to Tyler.
   Have your other pix on a flash drive or on a CD.
~ Christmas party Potluck December 9 (or 10th storm date).  White elephant gift exchange.
There were 28 in attendance. 
Presentation concluded near 8: 15.         
December 10th, Christmas Party:
Christmas Party:  food, fun and white elephant gift exchange. 
We can bring five of our favorite images on flash drive to the party and Tyler will look after projecting the images onto the big screen.  If we have the ability, we could add our names or initials, to the right hand corner of the image.
The party starts at 5:30.  Bring your “Favorite Fifteen” images, these can be older photos if you wish. You can bring photos in by way of a flash drive, CD or photo albums to share with others.   Also a White Elephant gift for each person who attends, you are free to bring a guest.
In the past, Cliff has mentioned the fun we have at our Christmas parties, which is scheduled for Friday, December 9 (10th storm date).   Doors will be open at 5:30, eating planned for 6:00 – this is to accommodate getting out before the alarm goes off at 11:00.
It is to be held at St. John’s Anglican Church hall – Church Street.  From previous years we know to layer clothing, possibly bringing a sweater.  A gift for the white elephant exchange (something that was once useful to you but now you have grown tired of – value of no more than $10.00). How you wrap this gift is totally up to your imagination.
And yes, it is a potluck, a time when you can bring a friend or partner to share in this very social evening.  If you are two people (or more), then please bring two (or more) different food dishes, to share. That might be a salad, a dessert, or a main food dish.
At the entrance there is a doorbell on the upper left hand side, high up on the door. When we hear the bell ring up stairs then someone will run down and let you in.
Respectfully Submitted,
Millie Russell