May 12th, 2010

Tyler Rogers Meeting Minutes

General Interest:
~ Cliff Sandeson chaired and began the meeting at 7:00.
Treasurer’s Report:
Donna MacNeil is handing on this responsibility to Douglas Purdy, who has graciously accepted being treasurer and is in by acclamation.
~ Dues are $15.00 a year for an individual, $20.00 per family or $2.00 per visit.

~ Donna has indicated that she is ready to pass on her emailing duties. Cliff  will  inherit her membership email list and will send out the correspondence.
~ Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (each month) and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30.          Meetings will be held in room 305.

Web Site Contacts:
~ Members, send photos or information you wish to be on our web site, to Tyler Rogers through email  Even better, bring him images on a CD to one of our meetings.  Please mark your name clearly on the CD.

~ Check out our website .

Thursday, May 6th Harvestfest Meeting:
Cliff had asked that anyone who would like to discuss possible changes in the format of the Harvestfest 2010 to attend the rescheduled meeting. Donna, Shirley, Susan, Jim, Douglas, Joanne, David and Cliff were present.
Through the meeting and various emails final adjustments have been made. There will now be a limit of four entries at $3.00 an image.
There will be an amateur and semi-professional categories. Semi-professional is classified (for our club) as a person who earns $2,000.00 a year; also someone who is selling pictures off a website. This will go forth using the honour system.
The closing date for entries is Sept. 18th. Best of show prize is now $50.00, consideration is being given to asking for gift certificate from photo stores.
More details will follow.
Final improvements will be sent out and also placed on the web site.

~ The May 26th meeting will be “Member’s Night”, we will start at 7:00.
Each member can bring no more than five minutes worth of pictures to be shown on the big screen.  THAT IS A TOTAL OF 25 PICTURES.
~ Cliff will replace Tyler from being field trip coordinator, stating that he is able and willing to be on most trips.
~ Donna will now take over the responsibility of emailing the Truro News Community Events and advertise our club meetings. Thank you to Gordon Jeffrey for doing this for many years.

Gary Friedman – two day Seminar August 14th and 15th, 2010:
~ Gary Friedman (a former Nassau engineer) is planning a seminar here in Truro August 14th and 15th.  The cost is $130.00 per day (possible attendance of two full days or just the one day).  Gary Friedman has offered two tickets to our club to sell tickets on (and raise money).  Whoever wins, will attend a seminar day, free of charge. Cliff encouraged us to register soon, cheques will not be cashed until two weeks before Aug.14th.
~ Day one, those attending will learn how to take better pictures. Day two deals more with the digital aspect of photography.  Cliff stressed how capable Gary is in teaching more than basic photo information about photography.  He encouraged members to try to put aside money to attend this worthwhile event.   The five of us who attended his workshops in Yarmouth last year were quite impressed.  He uses the time wisely and you are given compressive handouts that leave room for your own notes. This is well worth the money.
At any meeting, please ask Cliff for the $5.00 tickets.
Evening Program:
~ The planning meeting for 2010 – 2011 year photo club program:
Many members brought their ideas and suggestions especially for possible field trips.  There was an overall agreement that club members want to learn and that in part, is why they are attending and would like to see more of.

This Season’s Meetings:
~Cliff has sent out a tentative schedule.Anyone with comments or corrections, please email Cliff.

A complete rundown of events will be posted on the website in the upcoming weeks.
There were 17 members in attendance.
Meeting closed near 9:00 p.m.Submitted,Millie Russell