February 24th, 2010

Tyler Rogers Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report:
Donna Mac Neil was present and took dues.
Dues are $15.00 a year for an individual, $20.00 per family or $2.00 per visit.

General Interest:
~ Cliff Sandeson chaired and began the business meeting at 7:15.

~ Ruby MacFarlane, a club member was involved in the Wallace and Area Historic Museum. There is a Ruby MacFarlane Award / plaque, which is awarded to the person whose picture receives the most votes from the viewing public.  Cliff will pick the pictures up in Wallace on Saturday, Feb.27th. You can pick up your pictures from Douglas Purdy at Carsand Moshers, the first week of March.
P.S.  Cliff picked up the pictures and our Truro group did quite well in the contest.  Cliff had three 1st’s and one 3rd and also Best of Show; Gordon Weatherby had a 2nd (not sure what category) and 3rd in Landscape; John Strum had a 1st in Landscape; Shirley Strum had a 2nd in People; Douglas Purdy had a 3rd in People and Donna MacNeil had a 1st in Animal.  Cash prizes were awarded in each category:  1st place – $25, 2nd place – $15, and 3rd place $10.

Upcoming Field Trip:
~ The sleigh ride took place at Sugar Moon on  Feb. 21st.  There were twelve members who attended. There was heavy snow at the time.

~ Six members were signed up for Friday January 29th, to travel to the Wild Life Park. A snow storm cancelled this.  Cliff is waiting for Bert to call him back, to reschedule this trip but it is unlikely that the trip will go ahead this year.  Bert is short staffed and now with the lack of snow, the conditions aren’t conducive for great pictures.
~ The Photo Guild of Nova Scotia is hosting a Digital Imaging Workshop on Sat. Feb. 27th. Cliff sent the complete information out following Wednesday night’s meeting.
~ Andre Gallant will also be at the Burke Educational Centre on March 20th, from 9:00 – 4:00, cost $40.00.
April 10th, Saturday Seminar (9:00 a.m. – 12 noon):
Colin Campbell will be the first presenter.  He is a retired teacher who is very creative and has had personal shows in the Halifax area.
Peter Steeper will be the second speaker, talking to us on “Creating Better Inkjet Prints at Home”.  Our thanks to Cliff for arranging these speakers.
Image Analysis: Cliff spoke about this which takes place every February between the Lower Sackville photo club and us.  This year we judged only prints.  We were seated in groups of 5 (depending on the number in attendance–26). There was a leader who filled out the sheets that accompanied each picture and five other slips of paper (kept in film canisters) one per person. When the timer went, a person (with the appropriate number) moved on to the next table.  We spent 10 minutes per image, then we had 2 minutes to write down the feedback from the group.  Following this we picked up another 8×10 print and began to analyze it.  This used up a total of 15 minutes of time per image.  Each group handled 5 or 6 pictures.
This process was much more efficient. Each picture was analyzed by two different groups. The many different components of each picture were talked about and we learned from each other in this conversation. Also we were finished by 8:45, a good hour earlier than other years.
Cliff asked those present to please contact him with their comments on how they thought the night went and if they have any suggestions that could act as  improvements.

Cliff was in contact with Darlene of the Sackville photo club.  They will be analyzing our submitted images on March 3rd and we should have their record sheets back to pass out at the March meeting.

Harvestfest: Cliff has signatures of people who will form a committee to discuss possible changes in Harvestfest 2010. The meeting will be re- scheduled.
Gary Friedman – two day Seminar in 2010:
~ Gary Friedman ( a former Nasa engineer) is planning a seminar here in Truro August 14th and 15th .  The cost is $100.00 per day (possible attendance of two full days or just the one day).  Gary Friedman has offered two tickets to our club to sell tickets on (and raise money).  Whoever wins, will attend a seminar day, free of charge.
Day one, those attending will learn how to take better pictures. Day two, deals more with the digital aspect of photography.  Cliff stressed how capable Gary is in teaching more than basic photo information about photography.  He encouraged members to try to put aside money to attend this worthwhile event.   The five of us who attended his workshops in Yarmouth last year were quite impressed.  He uses the time wisely and you are given comprehensive handouts that leave room for your own notes. Worth the money.

~ Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (each month) and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30.
Most meetings will be held in room 305.
For our planning night in May, we will be in room 326.

~ Send photos or information you wish to be on our web site, to Tyler Rogers through email tyro@eastlink.ca.  Even better, bring him images on a CD to one of our meetings.  Please mark your name clearly on the CD.

~ Check out our website www.imagemakerstruro.ca .
Evening Program: ~ Of January 27th, “Digital Imaging”.
My regrets at not sending out the January minutes.  The following was an important part of that meeting:

The three presenters were Tyler Rogers, Holly Ireland and Joanne Bouley. Tyler showed us how we could possibly improve our portrait photos. Too many steps to relate in these minutes.  Brian and Millie have this and can send it to you, mandbrussell@eastlink.ca
Holly covered how to repair the shine of a pet’s eye in your photo using the elliptical tool, the magnetic lasso – even how to put a catch light in the right position (by the use of a small, hard paintbrush.  She also covered the “dodge and burn” technique.
Joanne showed us “hand painting or hand coloring”.  She used a portrait of a girl, turned it to sepia and then proceeded to remove the sepia, so that the color of her eyes, cheeks and lips came through.  She also used adjustment layers on an image from Yorke Redoubt, bringing color to the picture by “painting” the flowers.

This Season’s Meetings:
~ March 31 – David Burrell on Photoshop Lightroom II.
~ A complete rundown is posted on the website.
There were 26 people in attendance.  Meeting closed near 9:00 p.m.
Submitted,Millie Russell