February 23rd, 2011

Tyler RogersMeeting Minutes

General Interest:
Cliff Sandeson began and chaired the business meeting at 7:15.

~ Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month) and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30.   All meetings will be held in room 305.

~ Send photos or information you wish to be on our web site, to Tyler Rogers through email tyro@eastlink.ca.  Even better, bring him images on a CD to one of our meetings.  Please mark your name clearly on the CD.

~ Check out our website www.imagemakerstruro.ca ..

Treasurer’s Report:
Douglas Purdy, our treasurer was available to take the dues.  The dues remain the same: $15.00 a year for an individual, $20.00 per family or $2.00 per visit.
~ Cliff is willing to take enlargements for the photo competition over to Wallace.  Please contact him and he will arrange a place where to pick up your photos (Carsands ?).

~ Derek Coombs and Sophie Hoegg have been in contact with NSCC organizing details for our opportunity to share and sell pictures in 2012, at the “Art Gallery” in the McCarthy building.  We could have our photos on display for one or two months, it is our choice.  They are to be framed.  They will get back to us with more details.

~ March 5th:  Cliff has been in contact with Sugar Moon, organizing a breakfast that club members would share together.  This is timed for approximately 10:00. Everyone would order their own breakfast. The tour of the facility and the explanation of the maple syrup process can be booked ahead.  We would be scheduled to leave there at roughly 12:30. A Hamilton Farm sleigh ride is booked for 2:00pm.  Minimum cost is $60.00 or $7.00 per person for a group of 9 or more This is a lovely experience, ending with hot chocolate.
Please email Cliff if you are planning to attend either of these events or both of them.  Numbers are important for reservations!

Evening Program of February 16 th:
This was postponed from the 9th, because the college was closed.  We  brought our cameras to take pictures of the fog that existed because liquid nitrogen was poured into a pan of warm water. This evening was broken into two segments, allowing for two groups to participate, by moving around the objects easier than if we were all present at once.

Evening Programs:

March 16 th:
Lawrence Nicoll, will be sharing his images of desert parks of the American Southwest and Yellowstone National park.
March 30:
Tyler will teach us how to create a digital photography slide show, with music.  On May 25 we’ll share our audio visual presentations.

Field trip March 26th:
“Slush Cup” at Martock – weather conditions allowing.

Saturday April 16 Seminars (9:00 to 12:00):
Yau Sun Tong and Jeff Babineau will be our guest speakers. Yau Sun has been with us many times, and draws on years of travel and photo experience.Jeff Babineau, owns his own photography business and is willing to speak to us on topics that we suggest.  Please think and talk this over.  Email (before April 1st) or bring your ideas to Cliff, at the next meeting.

~ Jim Hardiman will spear head a nomination committee that will work to fill the positions of  1) president;  2) vice-president;  3) past president will be Cliff Sandeson.   Hopefully this will be completed by the end of May, so that each person will be ready to fill their position by September.
Please give consideration to either working on the nomination committee or taking over one of the two new positions.

~ David Boehm, head of the “Living Earth Council” which promotes “green living” has asked the photo club to participate with their organization by providing pictures that will promote their cause. After some discussion, it was stated that we did not feel that having their cause as another category of the Harvestfest photo competition, was a good idea.  Cliff is to encourage them to have their own photo competition, which would be open to Truro, through their own means of advertisement.  More information will come to the next meeting through Donna MacNeil.  www.livingearthcouncil.ca

~ Douglas Purdy, Brian and Millie Russell have prepared a brief advertisement containing information about  Imagemakers.  These are to be photocopied and placed in various locations around town. Sophie wanted to participate in this, and will have input before it goes to print.

This Season’s Meetings:
~ A complete rundown of events is posted on the website.

~ Remember to email Cliff concerning the afore mentioned events !!

There were 22 in attendance.
Meeting closed near 9:30 p.m.Submitted,Millie Russell