February 13th, 2013

Tyler RogersMeeting Minutes

Image Makers Photo Club

Truro, Nova Scotia

         February 13th, 2013


      Vice-President, Brian Russell opened the meeting at 7:20.

Business meeting topics:

1.    Program coordinator Cliff brought up the upcoming Wildlife Park  visit.  The cost this year is $60.00.  If the maximum number of five people attend, then it will be $12.00 a person. Dates for another trip are yet to be determined, based on the park attendants. You are asked to notify Cliff if you want to attend: email Cliff (cbsand@xplornet.com). You will meet at 8:45 a.m., for a start time of 9:00 and finish at 12:00. (Both Sheila F. and Bev M. are interested).

2.    Sutherland’s Lake snowmobile races take place on Feb 16th. There were not enough interested to go as a group, on the 9th (which was cancelled).  Enjoy yourselves, and take lots of pictures.

3.    For  the April Seminar Cliff suggested John Sylvester, who often has pictures in the Outdoor Photography Canada magazine.  Cliff has been in touch with him, and although he is in New Zealand, at present, he has agreed to be our soul presenter for April 20th.  The cost will include $50.00 for transportation for a total of $350.00. A good price considering his high level of professionalism.  We hope to draw other photo club members from outlying areas in, by advertisement. This brings about the question as to where can we rent a dark room in Truro, that would be large enough to host 35-50 people. Some suggestions were the Truro Fire Brigade; the AC has two lecture theatres and the Marigold Center. Please forward your suggestions to Cliff or Millie.

4.    The president was asked about the insurance needed to continue to use the NSCC room, which we at present rent twice a month. The Chief Administer Officer, Jim Langille,  whom Wayne is in contact with, says that this request has been bumped from the agenda, twice. He expects to know on the February 21st, if they will subsidize our insurance costs.

5.    Brian and Millie will away the next meeting.  Cliff has agreed to take the minutes.  However, he does not have the full slate of member’s names and emails.   If you do not get your minutes, it will be because Wayne does not have them all either. Share yours, with a friend.

  •  Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month)
    and the programs for the evenings will start near 7:30. 
  •  Treasurer Douglas Purdy will accept dues at any time:
    Single $15.00; Family $20.00. 
  •  Do you have an idea for information to go on our web site?
    Please bring it to a meeting, if it is approved, then it will be given to
    Tyler Rogers through email

Websites of possible interest:

~ Check out our website www.imagemakerstruro.ca .

~ Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia www.photoguild.ns.ca

~Canadian Association for Photographic Art

   www.capacanada.ca  E-mail:  capa@capacanada.ca

~ The Truro Daily News is looking for community pictures.
    Simply email the photos to cfleming@trurodaily.com


Program for the Evening:

Thank you to Jim Hardiman for his excellent presentation on High Dynamic Range.

He took us from setting our camera (auto-bracketing), to how and what number of images we should take (2-5).  He showed us how to check the histogram, so we would know if we needed extra images (either another  stop down (-) on our exposure compensation or a stop up (+) allowing for one more brighter image). And don’t forget for this type of work, you really should be shooting in RAW.  There were many reasons to back his position to shooting all your images in RAW, especially if you already have Lightroom to edit them in. He recommended a tripod for a much better final product, but you can try it without. In preparation for post processing  he used two different  programs Nik’s HDR Effect Pro2 and HDR Soft’s Photomatrix Pro.  He actively showed us the process using sliders to enhance  the image.  This included the best natural look and also how far to the extreme the final image can be taken (wonky).


Upcoming Events: 
February 27 ~ Theme “Food”

Image Evaluation – a panel will critique images submitted by the members.


The meeting closed near 9:30.

If there are any errors or omissions, please notify me in writing within a week after you receive this. Thank you, mandbrussell@bellaliant.net


Respectfully Submitted,
Millie Russell


P.S.~ Points of interest from our previous meetings:


6.    November 2012 Meeting: Wayne spoke about his contact with National Art.  He will forward a list of paid up members to them (getting it from Douglas – the treasurer). For the present moment however, if we show our membership card, we can get a 30% discount.   This store can be found off of Gottingen St, in Halifax.  Go across the MacDonald bridge and precede South on Gottingen. National Art is located between Cornwallis and Cogswell Streets.  Address: 5426 Portland Place.  Their website is www.nationalart.ca


7.    November 2012 Meeting: Regarding CAPA Membership it was questioned as to whether we should continue to be a member for the 2013 year.  The cost is $150.00 per year (for a club), one benefit is the four quarterly magazines.  Wayne researched their website and also wrote for clarification regarding a better understanding of why as a club, we would want to be members. This is what he brought back a report to the meeting, so that we could vote and make a decision: we may request a medal for our photo contest (we don’t know what the cost would be); we can send in our club’s pictures and they will create an album that other CAPA members can view. We voted to continue with the membership.

8.    November 2012 Minutes: Cliff has an individual membership and said the benefits include quarterly magazines and the option to enter photo contests. Wayne shared that CAPA has an annual “Canada Camera College” conference each year ~ June 28th – 30th.  This year it is being held in Fredericton. Freeman Patterson will be a part of this.  It will run the entire weekend with field trips the week leading up to it. On July 1st CAPA is giving a course on “Judging”. Tyler, Cliff and Jim are planning on attending.