The Harvestfest Photography Competition is held annually in the fall, and is designed to permit photographers of all ages and skill levels to participate in a fun and educational experience.  Through entering, photographers are able to get out shooting with a purpose, stretch their abilities and learn more about the wonderful activity of photography.  Everyone is encouraged to participate. This competition is open to all residents of Nova Scotia, Canada.  Entry is free for people under 18!

This Competition intended for amateur photographers and provides seven categories in which to participate.  The Harvestfest Competition does encourage the participation of more experienced photographers who would not be considered strictly amateurs. The “Advanced Open” category is designed for those photographers and allows them to compete with other photographers with similar skill levels. There are some guidelines for how photographers transition to this category (found in the Category descriptions below); however, anyone can compete in this category if they so choose. One caveat – once you participate in Advanced Open, you must continue to participate in this category in all future Harvestfest Competitions.