Harvestfest – Enter Images

Truro Image Makers Photography Club is pleased to see that you have decided to participate in the Harvestfest Photography Competition.  If you have registered and the competition is open for entries, you will see a table at the bottom of this page that is used for uploading your images for the competition.

You must export your photograph from your photo software (such as Lightroom) as a jpeg. For optimum viewing for the judges and during the presentation, you must resize the image on export to a size of 1400 pixels along the longest side and a Pixels Per Inch (PPI) of 72. Your image should not be any larger that 3 MB. Please do not watermark your image as the judging is done anonymously.
Make sure that you have completed the one time registration and that you are logged in . To submit an image, for each row in the table found at the bottom of this page, simply select a category, enter a title for the image and use the “choose file” button to open a browser, navigate to where you saved your photo and then click the “Submit” button below the table. That is it! If the table is not visible and you see the words “Sorry, you must be logged in to see this.”, you must login.  Remember, you can enter up to four images.  If you wish to learn more about the competition, categories and what you can enter, visit the Competition Page.
No Problem! After you have entered an image, you can always delete the image if you decide that you do not wish to participate in Harvestfest. Additionally, if you decide to change your entry or perhaps you uploaded the wrong image, you can delete the image and upload a new one. This can be done at any time before the contest closes. The “Add, Change or Delete” button will appear under the table after you have already uploaded an image.
The entry fee is $5.00 per image to a total of $20.00.  People participating in the Under 18 category may do so free of charge. Payment may be made through PayPal on this site.  If we do not receive payment by the closing date, we will not enter your photos in the competition.

Pay For My Entries

Table Not Visible?

If the table is not visible and you see the words “Sorry, you must be logged in to see this.”- you must have completed the one time registration and you must be logged in .

Sorry, you must be logged in to see this.