November 28th, 2012

Tyler Rogers Meeting Minutes

Image Makers Photo Club

Truro, Nova Scotia

November 28th, 2012


  • President, Wayne Talbot opened and chaired the business meeting at 7:15.

                                   Business meeting topics:


  • Wayne spoke about his contact with National Art.  He will forward a list of paid up members to them (getting it from Douglas – the treasurer). For the present moment however, if we show our membership card, we can get a 30% discount.   This store can be found off of Gottingen St, in Halifax.  Go across the MacDonald bridge and precede South on Gottingen. National Art is located between Cornwallis and Cogswell Streets.  Address: 5426 Portland Place.  Their website is


  • Regarding the issue of the location for our meetings: Wayne says that the NSCC  are still pushing the issue that if we are to use their room then we require insurance, which is extremely expensive ($500.00).  Wayne will advise us before the next meeting as to where we will be meeting.  The town of Truro has paid the insurance for 50 groups in 2012. 
  • Regarding CAPA Membership it was questioned as to whether we should continue to be a member for the 2013 year.  The cost is $150.00 per year (for a club), one benefit is the four quarterly magazines.  Wayne researched their website and also wrote for clarification regarding a better understanding of why as a club, we would want to be members. This is what he brought back a report to the meeting, so that we could vote and make a decision: we may request a medal for our photo contest (we don’t know what the cost would be); we can send in our club’s pictures and they will create an album that other CAPA members can view.Cliff has an individual membership and said the benefits include quarterly magazines and the option to enter photo contests. Wayne shared that CAPA has an annual “Canada Camera College” conference each year ~ June 28th – 30th.  This year it is being held in Fredericton. Freeman Patterson will be a part of this.  It will run the entire weekend with field trips the week leading up to it. On July 1st CAPA is giving a course on “Judging”. Tyler, Cliff and Jim are planning on attending.


  • Rose Salmons contacted President Wayne regarding a number of cameras that she had to give away. These cameras had belonged to her husband Gil who passed away in August.  At the Christmas party, members will enter their names into a hat and win one of the two more modern cameras. 
  • As program coordinator Cliff brought up the upcoming Mahone Bay Father Christmas trip. There are now 90 Father Christmas figures throughout town.  If anyone wanted to go then they were to notify Cliff by noon on Friday. There was not enough interest and it was cancelled.




Our meetings may be held in a different building in January.  Watch for the changes.

  • If you have items you want on the agenda for any of the upcoming meetings,
    please forward them to
  •  Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month)
    and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30. 
  •  Treasurer Douglas Purdy will accept dues at any time:
    Single $15.00; Family $20.00. 
  •  Do you have an idea for information to go on our web site?
    Please bring it to a meeting, if it is approved, then it will be given to
    Tyler Rogers through email

Websites of possible interest:

~ Check out our website .

~ Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia

~Canadian Association for Photographic Art  E-mail:

~ The Truro Daily News is looking for community pictures.
    Simply email the photos to


Program for the Evening:

Regarding the  nautical theme, members sent Tyler three images  for viewing.  Members brought flash drives (CDs) in for the silent 15 images (on your choice of theme).  Members also brought in 25 of our favorite’s for a slide show with music, if desired and Tyler showed them all on to the screen.


Upcoming Events: 


 December 7th (storm date8th), Christmas Party:

Christmas Party: food, fun and white elephant gift exchange.
Donna MacNeil has some supplies left over from last year and Douglas will buy the items needed.Set up will be done by volunteers, Wayne, the MacNeils and the Russells.


This is a time when you can bring a friend or partner to share in this very social evening.   It is to be held at First Baptist Church hall – 759 Prince Street use ground level door next to John’s Bingo Hall.  The door opens at 5:30, eating is planned for 6:00.


This is a potluck:  If you are two people (or more), then please bring two (or more) different food dishes, to share. That might be a salad, a dessert, or / and a main food dish.


We are encouraging everyone to bring twenty-five of their favorite images on a flash drive or a CD to the party. You may want to present these as a slide show with music and transitions or you may prefer to have the images shown one by one. If we have the ability, we could add our names, to the right hand corner of the image.  In the latter case, you could provide some background commentary, as to why you chose the images to show.  It is preferred to receive these images the night of the meeting on either a flash drive or a CD. These can also be older images or if you want you can bring in an album.  Joanne will be setting this up after we eat and before the gift giving or shall I say gift taking. J


A White Elephant gift exchange means that each person who attends brings a creatively wrapped gift for another person. White elephant means a used gift that you used to love (valued roughly $10.00 $15.00), but are now ready to pass on.  In the past, Cliff has mentioned the fun we have at our Christmas parties, “full contact gift exchange”. This takes place by rolling dice and drawing a gift that catches your fancy from the pile or from another member.  How you wrap this gift is totally up to your imagination.



The meeting closed near 9:00.


If there are any errors or omissions, please notify me in writing within a week after you receive this. Thank you,


Respectfully Submitted, Millie Russell