March 30th, 2011

Tyler Rogers Meeting Minutes

General Interest:

Cliff Sandeson began and chaired the business meeting at 7:15.


~ Regular business meetings will begin at 7:15 (last Wednesday of each month) and the programs for the evenings will start at 7:30.   All meetings will be held in room 305.


~ Send photos or information you wish to be on our web site, to Tyler Rogers through email  Even better, bring him images on a CD to one of our meetings.  Please mark your name clearly on the CD.


~ Check out our website ..


Treasurer’s Report:

Douglas Purdy, our treasurer was available to take the dues.  The dues remain the same: $15.00 a year for an individual, $20.00 per family or $2.00 per visit. 

~ Cliff is brought the photos from the competition in Wallace.  Douglas showed us his enlargement which won first place.  Donna MacNeil and Wayne Talbot showed their honorable mention images.


~ Derek Coombs and Sophie have been in contact with NSCC organizing details for our opportunity to share and sell pictures in 2012, at the “Art Gallery” in the McCarthy building.  This will take place in April and May.


Field trip March 26th:

~  “Slush Cup” at Martock was well attended and a number of fun images showed up in the winter theme, slide show.


Evening Programs:
March 16 th:

~ Lawrence Nicoll, shared his awesome  images of the desert parks of the American Southwest and Yellowstone National park.  Thank you Lawrence for all the work involved in cleaning your slides of the 1970s and making them into a digital slide show.

March 30:

The sites for these programs will come in a separate email.

~ Tyler taught us how to create a digital photography slide show, with music. This was done by highlighting just a few possible programs.

He started with Windows  built in slideshow feature which everyone who has Windows has access to.  This however cannot handle music.

 XnView is a step up, with more options. 

Power Point, which costs $75. – $80.00, this will take music and voice.

Pro Show Gold costs the same and although it has a large learning curve, it also has many more desirable features. This can blend sound, add a number of songs and directly burn a CD.  You can have a 30 day free trial, however the words “evaluation copy” will show up on the final product.

Picasa 3 is a free download.  It will organize your pictures for you and you can create a movie and upload to YouTube. Comes with many desirable features.

Windows Movie Maker – Many more features, also free. can be used to create slideshows as movies. lots of transition and sound options.

On May 25 we’ll share our audio visual presentations.


Saturday April 16th Seminars (9:00 to 12:00):

Yau Sun Tong and Jeff Babineau will be our guest speakers. Yau Sun has been with us many times and draws on years of travel and photo experience.
Jeff Babineau, owns his own photography business in Truro.


Cost of attendance: $7.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.

Learning Resource Center – enter through the side door, in a stairwell.

Doors will open at 8:30.  Douglas Purdy will be on the door and has volunteered to collect the money for the seminars. 


Upcoming Events:

~ April 27th will be the planning night for the upcoming year.  Please come prepared with suggestions for programs, guest speakers and field trips.


~ April 30th Photo Guild Spring Show at the Burke Center, St. Mary’s at   the end of Robie St.  One part of the presentation will be Sight and Sound essays.  These may help to inspire you to create your own for our May meeting.


~ May 11th Portrait workshop to take place in the Rock Garden at the NSAC.

Hopefully Ken Henderson of the Planter 250 committee will be able to provide 5 or 6 people in costume as models.


~ May 25th will be broken into three segments:

Three images on the theme “Spring”.

Twenty-five of your favorite images or a short sight and sound essay of your favourite images.

Sight and sound essays, approximately 50 to 60 images no more than 6 minutes.


~ June 4th, Field trip to Kentville with the rain date being the 5th.

This will cover rhododendrons  at the Research Station, the Irving Center at Acadia University, Grand Pre and the water lily ponds behind the Blomiden Inn.


~ Wayne Talbot shared that we can access Ken Rockwell online and view, “What makes a good Picture?”


~ Jim Hardiman will spear head a nomination committee that will work to fill the positions of  1) president;  2) vice-president;  3) past president will be Cliff Sandeson.   Hopefully this will be completed by the end of May, so that each person will be ready to fill their position by September. 

Please give consideration to either working on the nomination committee or taking over one of the two new positions.



This Season’s Meetings:

~ A complete rundown of events is posted on the website. 



There were 20 in attendance. 

Meeting closed near 9:00 p.m.
Millie Russell